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Energy Lab Athletic Company

1. Register on the Energy Lab Site https//energylabapp.com/login/

2. Sign up for a Strava Account (if you haven’t already done so)


Make sure that your “Privacy Settings” are such that “Everyone” can see your activities. Failing to do this will mean that your activities will not reflect on our leader boards

3. Link your Strava Account to your Energy Lab Profile

Sign into your Energy Lab Profile
Go to your “Account”
Click on the Strava Icon
Give Strava permission to share your activities with Energy Lab App

4. Go to the events page ( https://energylabapp.com/event/ ), look for the event you’re participating in and click on the enrol button.

5. Log your activities by uploading to your Strava Profile as usual

You can do this by linking your activity tracking device (Garmin, Polar etc)


Logging your activity manually on Strava

6. Occasionally an activity won’t pe pushed through to us from Strava and it won’t reflect. In this unlikely event, please take a deep breath, don’t panic, take a screenshot of the activity on Strava and email it to us at help@energylabapp.com